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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for vlovelife bouquet
Congratulations, in the 3 years I have bought in Alie, and the first time that it comes packed correctly, in the carton, the other purchases in these 3 years, come packaged in plastic and paper, arrive crumpled. Your perfect vein
Shipping was incredibly fast. I was not expecting these for another two weeks! The flowers themselves are beautiful. I purchased the red roses to ensure the size and color for my project. Surprisingly they're as vibrant as they are in the pictures. I will be purchasing more!
Thank you seller fast Shipping beautiful product will go perfect with my wedding dress and bridesmaids i added rose gold sequin flowers to my bouquet to make it look even nicer will order again thank you
they came a little squished but that's to be expected from traveling all the way from china to the united states but the flower themselves are beyond my expectations. very pretty very well made.