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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for top delle donne
Beautiful genuine silk blouse! I'm happy with my purchase and I even won a pair of toast socks. Thankful. The silk thread is manufactured from the cocoon cocoon of various butterflies. The most common is Bombyx mori, mulberry silkworm, which accounts for 95% of world production. Modern sericulture is mechanized, but the production process is basically the same as 5,000 years ago.
I LOVE THESE 2 ITEMS...NOT FLIMSY...really nice weight. It is thicker ans lovely feel!! I got the v neck long sleeves and the no sleeves draped neck. I will be buying more items for sure from this seller!!!
It was very fast delivery.I ordered it and is was here within a week and a half. and it looks just like the pic did and I am very happy with it
The quality is GREAT, but the top is TOO BIG for me... I thought that the M size is gonna be fine, but I guess I am an S. I`ll probably give the camisole top to my mum, and order an S instead :) Nevertheless, 5 stars, because the color is great, the feel is awesome; a really nice 100% silk camisole... ... (p.s. I ordered the pillow cover (see pic 3) from the other lilysilk store, the only problem with it is that when i wash it, it drops a lot of color. so always wash it separately! I will drop a review there also.)