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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lo stress si
Usually I’m not a big fan of DIY spinners, but as I had full trust in the Marcia Linda Store, I decided to try this set and ordered two extra bearing/cap sets extra to be able to build all three spinners at once! And I must say, it was fun to build them together! Easy, everything fitted and within 5 minutes I had three great designed spinners! Heavy metal, spinning very smoothly and a long time. Well finished, cleanly manufactured, smooth edges and excellently finished! Great spinners and a perect addition to my collection. Fast delivery, well packaged, no customs interception!! Happy customer as always!! Thanks Marcia Linda!!
I was going to get the real one, but it was sold out. I'm actually glad I got this version. Bearing retention is better than press fit IMO. I'm using a full ceramic bearing, which I couldn't have done with the real one. This is my favourite spinner at the moment.