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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lo stress si
Usually I’m not a big fan of DIY spinners, but as I had full trust in the Marcia Linda Store, I decided to try this set and ordered two extra bearing/cap sets extra to be able to build all three spinners at once! And I must say, it was fun to build them together! Easy, everything fitted and within 5 minutes I had three great designed spinners! Heavy metal, spinning very smoothly and a long time. Well finished, cleanly manufactured, smooth edges and excellently finished! Great spinners and a perect addition to my collection. Fast delivery, well packaged, no customs interception!! Happy customer as always!! Thanks Marcia Linda!!
I was going to get the real one, but it was sold out. I'm actually glad I got this version. Bearing retention is better than press fit IMO. I'm using a full ceramic bearing, which I couldn't have done with the real one. This is my favourite spinner at the moment.
Beautiful Space ship spinner of top quality!! Heavy quality stainless steel, with an excellent bearing. Runs very smoothly and longtime. Very stable and well centered!! Nice boxing, with both a MCZHI manufacturers metal box with a logo medal and a grey soft tissue MCZHI pouch to transport the spinner. Very fast delivery as always! The best spinner store on this planet!!