Pre-purchase notice

The price of a commodity is equal to: Design + playing board + ingredients + sample production + finished product + quality inspection + packaging + matching + shooting + film + plane + upload + customer service + delivery + full package + return exchange loss

1. Customer Service: AliExpress is a global trading platform. There is a time difference between countries, maybe you are shopping during the day, we are already sleeping late at night. And it will be affected by the holidays and cannot be returned in time. Please understand more. We will see the news in the first time and respond promptly. 2, returned: designer models are more picky. If you are not satisfied with the dress, you can apply for a refund. Please contact customer service in advance. However, our money is not caused by the wind, and the cost of returning goods is too high, which will definitely increase the price of goods. Therefore, please be sure to look at the size of the product before placing an order, and whether you can accept design elements such as raw edges, asymmetry, etc. 3. Express: According to the logistics of each country, as well as the domestic logistics policy, and the national customs and other factors, the logistics method will be used reasonably. If you must have other courier, you may delay delivery for two days. 4, clothing fabric: dark fabric floating color, linen fabric floating hair. Silk fabrics are easy to hook, and cotton and wool fabrics can be pilling. Please be sure to pass the water before going out, especially in the summer. 5, evaluation: buyers show different, understand long live. Be sure to contact if you have any problems. The store is small, the people are super good, and the after-sales is excellent. 6, activities: every day there is a new, there will be a delay in the long holiday, the new national discounts and membership discounts. The store is super pet powder, and everything is good for fans. Cherish every customer. 7, delivery time: delivery time is generally within 48 hours, rest days are not shipped. The new product is homemade, and may be delayed for a while, please be patient! Quality, delivery, and price/performance make us three things that we must work hard from start to finish.