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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for reprap tape
the delivery was fast and the package is good. i ordered different items and each item was in a separate pack. the items looks as described, haven't tested yet. the seller is communicable. thank you!
Dimensions were a bit off, but the first print stayed on the bed really well. I previously used glue and hairspray, but this looks better at first and without a mess! M3 tape on the back, was really easy to apply.
my first time using black pei. it has excellent adhesion, even more than regular pei. the surface is matte, not smooth, so the resultant finish is a little different but I think that it's good. the black pei is not as heat resistant or strong as the regular pei so it can melt if the hot end touches it too much. it seems like it is a softer surface. maybe it's best to use this for PLA. I think that for pla, it might be fantastic. for abs its great, too, just be careful not to burn it with the hotend by going too low. if you burn it, you'll get scratches and holes. also, it is very easy to apply. just peel while you stick. it's firm so you don't need to worry about bubbles. easier than regular pei. the adhesive is already on the pei and it seems to be a good one.