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Powerful Oriental Gem, Jadeite. White Jade, 10ct; White-Green Lotus Flower Jade, 10ct. Radiation test result rises to highest possible level of unheated natural gems with White-Green, to level of heated with White Jade. Thermal conductivity test result rises to level of unheated natural gems with White-Green, nowhere with White Jade. Color under ultraviolet light lavender purple both. West scientific sources tell that Jade is green or red under ultraviolet. White Jade which I have tested lavender purple and Green Jade lavender purple or glowing yellow-green under ultraviolet. West sold prices Jade Jewels 9500-150000USD, 18685USD/1ct. American sources tell:Jade more expensive than diamonds. Perhaps because of its Healing, Erotic Power, because of Creating Fortune. Extremely Bad Fortune for Sellers down River. I placed this order because Finnish Criminals stolen my Lucky Jade Coin with my apartment which I own 100%. I am suffering from Brain Damage. Lotus Sutra:Adorned with Great Jewels