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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for olio sessuale
Didn't try the product yet, but I've always been happy with other products from this same brand, so I'm sure it will be fine. The shipping could be better, though. The price is really low, but spending a few cents more to add some extra protection would be good, since I purchased 3 tubes of the same size and they were just put in a simple plastic bag, free to move around. The result was crushed boxes (which I don't care about) and one tube which was squeezed so much that the seal opened. It didn't drop more than one drop, but it could have ended worse if your postman isn't as careful as mine. Also consider this if you're going to purchase something that can easily be guessed by handling the package, like vibrators and thelike.
we tried the product and it definately works. none of these products are 100% effective in reducing pain... and they should not be as pain helps to warn us of a problem. It does help to reduce pain and discomfort