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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for needlework
I've cross stitched for 15 years, and have completed kits from many countries and kits of different threads. This kit, however, outshines all of them in terms of quality. The sheen of the silk threads is so stunning, when sewn into the aida, it practically glows. The pre-printed pattern on the fabric washes off with water, and the edges are hemmed! I've never bought a kit from a business that hemmed the edges of its fabric! They also include multiple needles, a threader, and a couple bobbins. The instruction booklet is clear, and the miniature picture included is actually a sticker! Definitely will be buying from this seller again!
I wish it didn't have lines in the background as the picture is already printed on the fabric. Not sure what to do with them or why they are even there.. maybe I'll sew over them. Overall, okay product and good shipment time.