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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nanami
This keychain looks amazing! It's just like on seller's photos. Really high quality. Package was well preserved and nicely wrapped. There was also a present - a nice card which can be a bookmark. I highly recommend this keychain and the seller!
Very cute and perfectly colored, seems durable as a bag as well which is great. The sellers were very kind and responded nearly immediately when I asked questions. The head is a little over stuffed but I am not bothered, it would be easy to remove some stuffing if you want to. A brilliant first experience with buying using this website and it arrived SO quickly!
Definitely a worth-while purchase!! I have seen some complaints about the fact the glaze of sorts isn’t shiny, but honestly I think it’s for the best as it minimizes the chance of it not showing up in a photo due to glare!! The type of clip it’s glued to has ridges which help with keeping it secure in my hair, I’ve worn it out in public (not in cosplay) and have gotten many compliments on it. Shipped very fast too!! :^)