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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for land of wig
Its perfect! very silky and long, has a lot of hair so there's no patches around. My head is a little big than the average and it fits just fine. Very voluminous and just perfect for the characters, the bangs are long so is perfect for style as desire. It arrived within 3 weeks, very fast deliver! the seller included a wig cap :)
Wig of very good quality! It has the perfect color and it hasn't that fake shinny other wigs have. It needs some styling for the bangs but it is perfect for Phos. I love it!
Nice color. The cut doesn't exactly fit the Moon ver of Phos, but it's fairly easy to style it (Epic Cosplay Wigs on Youtube gives a nice tutorial with "Phos Wig Tutorial Post Moon Version"). I am worried that it may be a bit thin, and some of the hairs come out really easily, but as of right now, it gets the job done pretty well with some styling!
Very long and silky, good quality fiber, didn't tangle at first sight. I recommend to put this on from back to front, to avoid tangles in the neck part since is very long. It came with a wig cap as a gift, arrived to chile within 3-4 weeks. Im very happy with this product!
The wig is not as quite as it's shown in the pictures, while it is very nice, the colors are more striped than I was expecting and it does have a bit more of a blonde tone to it. Otherwise its a very nice wig, it has nice coloring (very vibrant) and was really easy to work with. I'm very happy with this purchase!