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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ks watch
The shipment came quiet fast, 3 week's top. Received the package in very good condition, no visual or mechanical deformation. The watch itself was secured enough for safety of transportation. All over very satisfied with the delivery and responsibility of the seller.
The most polite vendor is definitely the Shark official store. They very very, very helpful. Thank you very much. I especially thank Levene for helping me. The watch has a one-year warranty. They help in the slightest question. Thank you very much again at the time.
Wow.... what a stunning looking watch. The quality of this watch far exceeds its price. I will be purchasing the gold case one now, but I will be putting it in my cart and watching the price closely as I got this one on an amazing special price with $20 off. I highly recommend this seller... quality product.
The 12 constellations are nicely detailed on the face of this pocket watch. Besides that it comes with one year of free maintenance that is international [the information being on the card]. The gears themselves move beautiful within the pocket watch. I believe the key is a cute this detail. Over all I adore this pocket watch.