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Trattamenti per crescita ciglia

Trattamenti di Crescita Delle Ciglia a base di erbe Liquido Siero Enhancer Sferza Dell'occhio Più Spessa meglio di Estensione Del Ciglio Potente Trucco

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Recensione di Gxxxz (UK)
the packaging is very nice but the bottle is not full to the top which is a shame. the consistency is like water and has no odor at all, very easy to apply and dries in quickly. instructions written in English inside the box along with ingredients list, I've had this on all day long and don't feel any irritation. it doesn't say how quickly you get results or how many times a day your supposed to apply it but I'm gonna stick once a day. I hope this does work and i'll update once I see any results.

Does it really work

yes, i think it works. but a new eyelash is weak and very thin. I think the result depends of type of face. If you are muchhair type result will be visible more than other type. Anyway if you will use mascara you will notice that you eyelashes become longer

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Dettagli del prodotto

Specifiche dell'articolo

  • Marca: MeiYanQiong
  • Peso: 25g
  • Beneficio: Nutriente
  • Beneficio: Allungamento
  • Beneficio: Arricciatura
  • Beneficio: Moisturizer
  • Beneficio: A strati
  • PESO NETTO: 3g
  • Dimensioni: 100%
  • Numero modello: Eyelash nutrient solution Essence
  • Paese/Regione di fabbricazione: CHINA
  • Certificazione: GZZZ
  • Tipo: Trattamenti di sviluppo del ciglio
  • Numero di certificato: 2090802
  • Ingrediente: Eyelash Growth Serum
  • Type: Eyelash Growth Treatments
  • Name: MeiYanQiong
  • 5 Stelle 90%
  • 4 Stelle 6%
  • 3 Stelle 2%
  • 2 Stelle 0%
  • 1 Star 2%
4.8 / 5

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