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Farfalla in knife coltelli formazione in acciaio inox coltello a farfalla CS ANDARE coltello Counter Strike gioco pieghevole Coltello no bordo opaco strumento

4.8 (1024 voti) Negozio: knife market
US $6.99 - 9.05
US $11.27 - 14.59 -38%

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Recensione di Dxxxn (US)
The knife was of much higher quality than I could have anticipated. For being a practice balisong that I paid so little for, it exceeds expectations. That said, it is not perfect. The screws connecting the arms to the blade often loosen when using it, and the paint began to scratch only hours after receiving it in the mail, the latch also decides sometimes (more often than not, actually) that it wants to be too lose to latch the knife, but that's fine. It usually latches when the knife is open and it doesn't need to latch closed due to the sleeve, and it's not like I'll need to latch it at all open as it's not a sharp knife. All in all, I'm very impressed with the quality and would recommend it to people looking for a CS:GO balisong replica, but would make them aware of its shortcomings.

How long till the Netherlands?

I ordered 2 of them, neither came through. I know it says that I am American, but I am not from America.

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Specifiche dell'articolo

  • Marca: Swayboo
  • Forniture fai da te: Metalworking
  • Origine: CN (Origine)
  • Materiale dell'impugnatura: STAINLESS STEEL
  • Materiale della lama: STAINLESS STEEL
  • è_personalizzato:
  • Numero modello: 25
  • Tipo: Lama piegante della lamierina
  • Application: training knife cosplay knife
  • 5 Stelle 82%
  • 4 Stelle 11%
  • 3 Stelle 3%
  • 2 Stelle 1%
  • 1 Star 3%
4.6 / 5

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