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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for goat wool
hell yess!!!! PERFECTION baby!! beautiful brushes as usual! very soft natural bristles blends and applies product like a pro!! im a big big big fan of this seller and their brushes!! i highly recommend them 100%!!! its such a good find on aliexspress. in my opinion this seller is deff. one of the best brush vendors on aliexspress that i have come across for such decent quality, affordable , cheap brushes! i own almost all their brushes an i never have any issues, they never shed either, brushes perform as good as my high end, name brand brushes do! just say'n!! so yesss! its such a awesome deal! guys trust me if u like natural bristle brushes then hell yes buy their brushes you wont be disappointed!! and you can just thank me later lol. jk but thank you seller you rock as usual
Seller sent the wrong color. I ordered gold, pink and black. Order arrived with 2 pink and 1 black. Other than that, everything is fine. The brush is soft for skin.