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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gmt movimento
Fast delivery, precise packaging! The watch is beautiful, the best value for money! A small problem: the change of date is at 11:10 pm :( I recommend the seller to everyone!!! Sorry - google translate :)
Nice watch, good execution of the bezel which fits perfect with the crown above. The markings on the screen are very accurate, of good quality and aligned accordingly. I didn't find any errors of the display. The only complain would be the strap wich is quite rigid but, for the price listed, it's acceptable.
Received the watch through China Registered mail. Arrived before expected time. The watch looks pretty much the same as in the pictures, which is a good thing. The white is quite beautiful, The hands are sort dark royal blue. On the negative side, the packaging was very unimpressive to say the least. It was packed in a white styrofoam foam box. Inside the watch was rolled into a roll of bubble wrap, and then two layers of polythene warp. However unattractive the packaging, it did manage to keep the watch safe from all external factors. There was no user manual or warranty card, or any other document accompanying the watch. Lastly, the leather is straps is very low quality. It should be changed before it can be used publicaly.