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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for fiore reale
beautiful handbag is real leather I like it a lot, thank you very much dear trader, if need I will come back without hesitation at home and it is a certainty. seller strongly advised because very professional and serious. do not hesitate. thanks thanks.
Just what i was expecting, a not leather purse. im 90% sure the purse is not leather. But there is leather smell so i was kinda confused. I notice that the little leather tag and the purse material arent the same, it looks like the leather tag is real leather and the purse not. I bought this purse as a gift, not really my style but it is pretty, it got flowers and nice color, quality seems good, zipper donsent stuck. Thank so much to the seller for the color change :)
Amazing wallet. Very good quality. In box- nice silk scarf. The color is really as on the picture. No smell. Im really satisfied. Thank you and recomend this goods. Order: 13.3.2018, delivery 4.4.2018