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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for etwow
This seller is the best. they shipped it fast and they dont mind helping their customers with questions and troubleshooting. they are there to make sure their customer is happy. the PRODUCT? it is good according to the pic. Love dealing with them
I love this seller. I live in New Jersey, USA, and it took 3 days for me to receive the package. I really recommend this seller, for a fast shipping and a good communication. Furthermore, the item I ordered (etwow booster front wheel) came in a good condition and new. It is nice and reasonable price. I will do business again with this seller. Recommended :) Sorry, cant upload the pic because the files are too big, but this seller is good..:)
the controller of Etwow. I am from NYC, and they really helped me with a custom wire for my old Etwow. they are not in USA, but their service is like in the USA. you can talk and ask for opinions, they don't mind at all. the product? well, I have purchased lot of things from them for my etwow, parts and extra things, and I never get disappointed.. keep up the good work guys