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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for coffee round wood
Very fast delivery - 10 days to NZ. This is my third deal with this seller. I ordered 44 items and the seller put everything without mistakes. Great seller!Would highly recommend the seller! Thank you!
These arrived in NZ in around 2 weeks and were well packed so arrived undamaged. The beads are sized just as stated 12x6mm and while some of the colors a little patchy it’s not too bad and actually adds to the style of the beads. I’m SO not counting this bag ! I usually count everything, not so much to check I’ve been sent the right amount, but for costing purposes and I figure if I’ve got to do it anyway I may as well put it on here for others. But the bags full and it’s 500 beads for under $3 you cannot grumble at that price ! Really happy to recommend them as well as the seller, many thx from NZ :)