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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for coat brooch animal
I love buying from this store. Each order is perfectly packed with no missing items - and never missing stones. Quality and service. Lovely hummingbird brooch measures nearly 1.5 inches in height. It has a barrel C style clasp. Pave set grey stones have plenty of sparkle. The feathers are done in nicely shaded drip oil looking enamel. Prompt shipping and perfect packing. I will buy from this store again (and again and again). Always a perfect buying experience.
<3 hummingbird brooch ! The head and body are set in grey stones that give this piece the look of vintage marcasite. The wings are done in a blue drip oil finish. Brooch has a barrel C pinback. Large order packed perfectly. No missing pieces and no missing stones. Very pleased with this seller. Will buy from again.
really cute dog brooch. I like the pop of colour on the gunmetal. shipped very quickly and vendor puts attention to detail on multi-item packages. nothing missing and no incorrect items ! very pleased with both merchandise and vendor. would buy from again.
As described online. Cute fashion jewelry. Not investment type of piece for sure, but good for the price. Very fast shipping. Got it in 10 days, that's from China to US. Amazing.
Sweet beach brooch ! It measures appx 2.5 inches and has a barrel C clasp. plenty of sparkle too! No missing stones. Huge props to the seller for getting the order packed correctly. Shipped promptly in a box, not a bubble bag. Very pleased. Will buy from again.