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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cnc mini
The seller as always, was excellent. Thank you! :) Well... This Nimbus Rider is the best 4A yoyo I've ever played, but if it's not durable it will not be useful for me. It's a little better than MagicYoyo Captain T1 in playability and much better than YoyoFactory Flight. The MagicYoyos ARE NOT DURABLE! I had 3 different MagicYoyos and they all dusted the HUB thread, the Captain T1 dusted the thread with 2 weeks. And no, i'm not a beginner, i play since 2004, and i was 2 times brazilian champion. I had several different yo-yos. The YoyoJam's, for example, were almost indestructible. I still have an old BigYo since 2009, even after thousands of drops it's still perfectly playable. The YoyoFactory Flight is very durable, but I really did not like the performance. So, I'm going to test the Nimbus Rider for a while and if the HUB is not durable as I hope, I will give up buying 4A yoyos with aluminum HUB. And I'm going to buy C3YoyoDesign's Contrail.
arrived a day ahead of schedule, was packed up very safely, I got exactly what was described. the yo-yo it's self is very very light, but the hub stacks make it a nice weight. my hubs kept falling out. but a good buy. oh and auldey please give 2 finger spin caps not just one