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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for insieme di tè cinese con bollitore
Delivered to Germany in 3 weeks, well packed. The outer black layer of ceramics is slightly rough, which is pleasant to hold and look at. The saucer for style B is shown to have black bottom and light top, but what I got is black on both sides. I don't mind, but the description is inaccurate (I hesitate to deduct stars because of this). The volume is indeed 150ml when filled to the brim, but placing the lid on top of a fully filled cup results in spillover, leaving only 130ml in the cup. The volume for comfortable usage is up to 110-120ml, which is a good volume for a gaiwan. The cup slides around in the saucer a bit. The handle on the lid (the butterfly) is somewhat skewed; I think this adds to the character; the lid is still stable when placed handle down. It's not shown in the pictures, but you can slide the lid between the cup and the saucer, and it sits very tightly that way; I find this to be an important feature and a sign of a good design. Overall I like this gaiwan a lot.