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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for carta magnetica macchina
Device works. Tested all 3 methods of card reading. However, note that /there is no compatible software/. You need to make your own software for it. ***If you cannot do programming then don't bother with this product unless you are sure it will work with your software.*** There's the entire SDK on the disc for making your own software and even a demo to test it out with. The SDK document is the Mpos SDK PDF file in the first folder. To find the android demo (I only tested this on android), go to Platform SDK package->Android->TYMposEMVDemo->bin and the file is "TYMPosEMVDemo.apk". Just need to copy that to your phone and open it, of course do the one-time acceptance for a non-store app install. There's a bunch of buttons but you just need to use Scan, Connect, then hit ReadCard to get the device to be ready to read a card. For the price of it, this is worth getting if you want to make some work for yourself. It's a big project to make your own POS software, but custom is the best.