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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car bmw steering wheel sew
product with great quality but does not fit if the steering wheel still has the original cover, but the seller sent another one that is compatible with the original cover. thank you
BMW e90 320d 2007 Sport steering wheel. Good quality leather. Makes the wheel a bit chunkier. It's a pro to me. It is difficult to saw and adjust the back side of the cover (stating and ending points of each section). It does not align 100% and sticks a bit away from the wheel, from the back side of it, difficult to see but you can feel it. To make the work a bit easier - remove the whole steering wheel, airbag and cover and work just with the wheel. Look for instructions how to do it properly - w/o airbag fault code. It costs approx 100+ Euro to cover the steering wheel by a professional (material and work), so it is up to you which route you choose.
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