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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for burning laser torch 450nm
very powerful laser. the beam generates enough heat to deform styrofoam, but not cut electrical tape. in case you are wondering, yes it feels hot on the skin (dont try this at home). lens may need refocusing after purchase to improve the performance
The product is perfect but doesn't match 100% the description. The anounced power of 50000 mW = 50 W is totally wrong. I've measured the power with a commercial power-meter and I obtained 2 W (=2 000 mW) with fully charged batteries. I think the seller confused power with power per unit of surface. Indeed if we consider that the spot has a surface of 5 mm2, that makes 0,05 cm^2 (cm^2 is a common unit for spot areas in laser technology). So the power per surface is : 2/0,05 = 40 W/cm^2 (= 40000 mW/cm^2) However as expected this power of 2 W is enough to burn paper or even the skin. I think that the laser is in fact a class IV laser, not III.