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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for braccialetto sakura
My order was shipped 2 days after I paid, and arrived in the mail by 3 weeks. Super cute bracelet, looks just as pictured! The white enamel parts on the wings have a very pretty pearly shimmer. The heart is a plastic rhinestone, like the type you get from craftstores with the silver back. There are a few black specks inside the rhinestone. The goldtone metal bits come with some imperfections that look like they may have been caused by air bubbles. None of these are too noticeable. The bangle is loose with a wide opening causing it to fall off my wrist, but I can slide it up and wear it over sleeves. The part that goes around your hand does have a bit of give, so you can bend it for a tighter fit, but you probably also run the risk of misshaping or breaking it. Haven't worn it out yet, so idk how it fares with extended wear. Really nice piece of costume jewelry for a little under $2.