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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bracelet clasp high quality
I placed my order on Mar. 30, and seller (Raity He) notified me on April 1 that the bracelet had been shipped. I received the bracelet on April 17. It takes 17 days (2.5 weeks) to ship from China to Canada (city of Ottawa). Very fast delivery and it is free shipping using AliExpress Standard Shipping ( The bracelet is beautiful and sparkling! I like the clasp which makes the bracelet look so real. I compare this bracelet with the Swarovski bracelet that I bought few years ago. The Cubic Zirconia stones look much bigger and more lustrous than the Swarovski crystals. It will be nice if the seller includes a small pouch (or small gift box) for the bracelet so that I can give this bracelet to my good friend as a gift. But I think I will keep it for myself and buy another one. I highly recommend this seller! Hope that the seller gives me more discounts and I can buy more products from this seller.