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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for black sg
Item like described but gold or silver plating would look even better. I am a diamond A4 buyer - I made over 4000 different orders over 5 years. Ask me everything about Aliexpress: Dear seller: 1. Always write your Whatsapp/Wechat number & email on the packet. This is to make sure that buyers can contact you if your store will close or items deleted. 2. Make a pdf file with items which are not allowed on Aliexpress for example brand logo items. Then show it to your customers and sell it over email. 3. Always hide the logo when you sale brand replicas. Then Aliexpress or companies cannot delete your items. 4. Never remove items from your store if Aliexpress say so. Better mark item as not available and still show it. Then buyers can still see and order it from you via message. 5. Own website means no regulations. There you can sell whatever you want. 6. On brand selling is allowed
Very satisfied with the knobs, they look even better than on the picture, the gold tops really look like metal in reality. the store shipped the item very fast and everything was flawless. I will most certainly order from them again.