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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for big boob
i have multiple dolls but this doll outperforms them all. she has a very big range of movement her back moves in every direction you would like her legs and arms also have realistic movement. posing this doll is very easy because of the range of movement. if you like big boobs i can really recommend this doll she has big boobs but just not over the top big. like anime, big boobs look freaking awesome. the head that dit came whit the doll was a bit on the small side but wasn't a problem for me because i dit have multiple dolls. you even can see and feel her ribs a bit and she has a slightly athletic body bigger upper arms just how i like it. for me, no girl on this planet will be able to beat the looks of this doll just freaking awesome in every way. ow and if you like the boobs to be a little softer do the extra payment for the hollow boobs it will be worth it i promise also the removable vagina is a very big advantage costs a little more but really worth it