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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for battery for samsung smartphone
This battery is great! The price is really low for what it offers! great product overall. i've had my galaxy s6 charginf wirelesly for 6 hours continiously and still got back home with a little bit of charge while playing music on youtube. It also came in just ~2 weeks while the estimated delivery time was 30-60 days.
Very helpful service team and shop. Managed to get my order to me even with the current limitations on transporting Lithium batteries. Unit is excellent, and works well. QI will not work if phone is in a cover (needs to be as close as possible).
I've tested this 30000mAh power bank, You can actually charge 3 devices at once and also recharge the power bank at the same time Its a little big and hard to carry around like my other power bank devices, but it does the job. I would test if it is actually 30000mAh in size but my mAh tester hasn't arrived yet, i might leave additional feedback about it later. Good product.