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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for borsa zaino
Looks and feels nice, great quality. Built-in USB works also well, tried the charging with my backup battery. The side mesh pocket can hold even my 1000ml sports flask safely so it is quite practical. The utilizable space inside in the back I would say is just enough but my small laptop (30x20 cm) barely fits so do not plan to pack much bigger gadgets/books/whatever rectangular things inside, I thought it is a bit bigger since the 47 cm height. The hidden back pocket should also be bigger, i guess it is for wallet and other personal papers only. I really like the variable shoulder strap. Time will tell whether all parts are sturdy enough. In average I would give a 92-95% score.
What I like: - High quality backpack, material is sturdy and non flimsy. - Waist strap extremely useful, pockets on each side. The waist support lessens the stress on my back. - Water bottle holders are huge enough to fit any sorts of bottle in it, and there's a clip securing it in place. - Comes with a free handy lock that secures the main zip. - Many compartments. (3 large, 4 small) What I don't like: - Wayyyyyyy too many unnecessary clips, guess it's part of the design but it adds too much weight. 2kg without anything in it. - There are not enough inner compartments. Only one small zipper pocket inside and the rest don't secure any items in place. - The bag flops when there isn't enough things inside the bag, hard to sit it up on the ground. - The bag absorbs water rather than repel water. Not exactly waterproof. All in all, 8/10. Quality 10, Design 7, Comfort 9.
The bag is perfect, there are a lot of small compartments and other pockets. There is even an usb pocket on the side. The colour is dark grey ish. and an outstanding quality. You really get where you pay for