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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for apple ipad 6 penna
High quality product. Nice finish nice color exactly like photos. Business card pocket slit are too small to fit cards. Good price. Quite heavy. Many bonus. Got film screen protector and small black stylus pen also. I highly recommend this seller. See photos below
The Neo Star Small size touch "pens" in the 50 pieces set received are all as described ín item info, and good quality pieces work well with touch screen of my my Samsing Galaxy Trend Plus S7580 smart phone. The 50 pcs set touch pens price / quality ratio is excellent. Also I find these light, Small, and enouhg Small tip having pens easy and nice i use. I also wish to thank the seller for fast shipping of my order, for now inFinland is week to beginning of schools after summer vacation, and here in Finland even the smaller school kids use all touch screen media devices in school, and i home, the teachers set the home work info to school web site created platforms as do the messaging to pareants throgh the same platforms. The ergonomy in touch pens usage for kids is an issue, that nobody has thought of in designing of the items.