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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for akeno dxd
The box was delivered in my mailbox. The box was completely crushed. My heart sank. I carefully opened the box to look at my long awaited figure. The wings are made of a semi-hard plastic, wrapped in plain plastic sheet. They were tough and were good. Not a scratch. The body and base were wrapped in plastic sheet, and wrapped once around with a piece of bubble wrap. I carefully removed the body and base. Inspected carefully. Not a scratch or blemish. So happy! BUT... I would like to have seen more bubble wrap for protection. I hope the seller wraps future orders more carefully. Despite the lack of packing material, the figure arrived unharmed. So 5 stars for the seller this time.
I've recieved the figure, but it was damaged. The "hair antenas" was glued with cyanoacrylate to the "head", and one "antena" was deatached, and i saw verry much of that glue again on it, i've had to clean the peaces and glued it in places (i hate glue) :/ The package was done verry well - in a plastic drawpiece. In overral after the repair's i'm satisfied.