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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 220 the backlight
I've received my order and I can say I'm very satisfied about it! The package has been well made which shows me that the store employees take care about their clients. The package box had one corner damaged from tansport but my precious clock was intact. In the future you can fill the box with some polistireen to empty the space between box and clock just a precaution.
Very Nice product! One thing, if you put on the light to see the time it Beeps loud. So we can hear when our daughter is awake. But we are very satisfied with the clock. The seller is very nice. Will order again at your shop. Thank you so much.
Nice alarm clock - just as described! The most beautiful backlight I have ever seen on such device, and what I really like is this Mon-Fri alarm, so I do not have to turn it on and off all over again. Good quality, well packed, 5 star business.