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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 18650 3w
I don't usually post product reviews but this UV flashlight is completely amazing and completely worth the cost, I did some research on line before buying and I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting but I'm still absolutely amazed by this UV flashlight.
I have been very impressed with this small flashlight. You get to customise just about everything on it. Just a pity that it did not come with a pocket clip. But otherwise a Fantastic Purchase
I ordered T5 5B, which is also on the box. But the LED looks much cooler, more like T6 4C. Is there so much variation in the T5 5B? Or is it a version between T5 5B and T6 4C? I have never seen it before.
did not realize that batteries were not included.. :( Need to read the description a little more carefully next time. Sucks waiting a few weeks for this to ship all the way around the world only to not have batteries ready for it!