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Carta da parati interna moderna

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China (Mainland) (Fujian)
Item specifics
Punto d'origine:
Fujian China (Mainland)
Numero del Modello:
Altri oggetti vari di uso domestico
gree, blue, yellow,puple, milky white

1.Wall decorative materials wallpaper

2.wall stick/wall decoration/window decoration/pvc wallpaper are for your choice.

3.we have professional designers to design and update wall paper.   

4.we can also make as customer required.

5.Our company is mainly produced the Wallpaper, many customers are interested in our products with the good quality,popular design

6. Size: Personalized customization

7. The  way to  use:

(1).Clean and  dry  the  surface with  mild  soap and  water.Make  sure the surface must be  flat and have no  any  carve.

(2). Peel off the image from the back paper.

(3).Apply  the image onto the  surface  in position.

(4).Press firmly to squeeze out any  air  bubbles.





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