Before this article came into place, we thought to ourselves, “What could be so interesting about men’s t-shirts?” How wrong we were! If you’re equally curious (and shocked!) at the same time like us, lucky for you we’ve made a concise yet comprehensive guide on this very staple fashion piece.

The crew neck

It’s the king of all t-shirts, and probably the most common one of all as the rounded, circular neckline is easily found at any brand or store.

The v-neck

Till this day, the v-neck is worn underneath dress shirts to avoid stains. Thankfully, the v-neck t-shirt we want to talk about more has evolved into a flattering garment that creates a slimming effect by naturally elongating a man’s neck.

The y-neck

Somewhat a hybrid between a crew neck and v-neck, the y-neck is also a good option to have in your wardrobe, especially if you’re wanting to flaunt your well-defined chest. At the same time, this t-shirt gives a slight twist to the conventional necklines with colored lining and unusual buttons.

The scoop neck

Contrary to the other necklines, these are a little tricky to work with as the distinctive extra-wide neckline and looser fit is not easily carried by most male bodies. Even if you are keen on widening your range of t-shirts, be sure to have a well-shaped chest with the scoop neck, too!


Not afraid to stand out in the crowd? T-shirts made of this patched fabric will easily shine the spotlight on you!


Stretchy and perhaps a little too homely, this cotton knit gives a relaxed vibe to your outfit.


This material is like a double-edged sword for some of us — it’s cooling and dries quickly, but wrinkles almost too easily!


Good ol’ t-shirts made of this fabric are for those who are somewhat anal about having perfectly ironed clothes as it is resistant to wrinkles. On the down side, however, it is not ideal under hot weather because it simply isn’t breathable.